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Here you can see some of the pictures of the new tin shed laying at Rainbow Boys Campus. The old tin shed was totally damaged and there was holes all over it, during the rains it leaked and boys found it difficult to sit and study underneath, so we put a new tin sheets on the frame and it looks very beautiful and is stronger than before. When it is too hot to study indoors, they now have a functioning outdoor study area, and in monsoon times, they won’t get wet any more!
Outdoor Study Shed for Rainbow Boys
In India, everything comes by small truck, or even TukTuk ……
…. no matter what size it is!
For laying the shed the expenditure was, for welding charges it was INR 12, 000/-, the cost of the new tin sheets was INR 21, 000/- and the transportation cost was INR 2000 all together it cost INR 35, 000/- for laying the new shed in the Rainbow Boys Campus. Converted to GBPounds that cost equates to almost £400 and whilst that might seem small by western charges, it is considerable in rural India. If you are one of our supporters who funds general costs, you helped to fund this work, so thank you. If you would like to support our work in India click this link to donate, or contact us for more information