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Sponsor a child   Just   £25   a   month   will   provide   a   child   who is    orphaned,    abandoned,    or    affected    by leprosy/HIV   with   the   support   they   need for a happy, healthy childhood.      £25 a month will change a       child’s life Your   sponsorship   will   provide   vital   support from    education    to    healthcare,    ensuring your   sponsored   child   gets   the   best   possible start    in    life    -    and    a    springboard    to    a brighter   future.   Just   as   important   is   for your   child   to   know   that   they   have   a   family somewhere   in   the   world   that   cares   about them,   it   builds   their   self-esteem   and   helps to     restore     young     lives     devastated     by rejection.      Make a choice today that will      change a life forever
Chris and Kathy Brown     sponsor Nandini at Rainbow Children’s Home    “It   has   been   an   absolute   privilege   to   sponsor   Nandini   for   several   years.      Like many   children   at   the   Rainbow   Home,   Nandini’s   parents   are   affected   by   leprosy   and desperately   poor.      Without   Brighter   Future,   she   would   have   no   education   and would probably have spent her days begging. We   are   so   happy   to   be   a   part   of   this   great   work.      We   write   to   Nandini   and   send emails   to   Brighter   Future,   so   we   have   a   good   relationship   and   feel   that   she   is   part of   our   family.      It’s   a   blessing   to   hear   about   her   life   and   studies.      Our   wish   is   that education   she   is   now   receiving   will   help   Nandini   to   have   a   positive   future   and enable   her   whole   family   to   break   out   of   poverty.      Sponsoring   a   precious   little   child is simply wonderful!”
Could it be you? We   operate   5   childrens   homes   in   the   Vizianagaram   area   of   Andhra   Pradesh   State, and currently have 40 children who require sponsorship. Could   you   be   that   person,   like   Chris   and   Cathy?   Ordinary   people   who   want   to   make a   difference   to   peoples   lives   in   areas   less   fortunate   than   we   are   in   the   West.   These children   and   young   adults   have   been   plucked   from   poverty   and   now   have   the chance   of   education   and   training   to   ensure   that   they   have   the   ability   to   support   not only themselves, but their families also. Download the documents on the right to find out more.
UK Registered Charity  1110823