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Raju sits as he tells his story, his dark brown eyes framed by long lashes full of expression as he speaks. At just six years old his words tumble out as he reaches for a hand to hold. Raju’s beautiful smile hides more sadness than a young child should ever have to face. Raju was born in Narava Colony, near Vizianagaram. When his dad was diagnosed with leprosy, Raju’s mother deserted her husband and children, and they have never seen her since. Despite struggling with a disabled foot caused by leprosy, Raju’s father worked as a labourer in the local fields to try and provide for his sons. Tragically, in his sadness he became an alcoholic, spending anything he earned on alcohol and sleeping wherever he fell. Raju and his older brother Prashant (age 8) were left to wander naked in the streets, begging for food. They were found by a nurse in the colony, starving and alone. We’re so thankful that the nurse contacted Brighter Future. Victor, Director of Brighter Future met with their father and he was only to willing to let his boys join the Rainbow Children’s Home. In his heart he knew that he couldn’t provide the care they needed. When the brothers arrived at Rainbow they were quite withdrawn and visibly afraid of their new surroundings. It was a huge change for them, and they weren’t used to being what we would consider to be a normal child. They didn’t understand what toys were for, and had never had any friends.
That was just six months ago, and the change is the boys is wonderful to see! Raju is full of fun and smiles, he adores his brother and they are pretty much inseparable. They love school and toys, and have lots of friends. Their father comes to visit occasionally, and Brighter Future staff do as much as they can to keep the relationship going in a supervised environment. Raju’s next big challenge is learning to ride a bike. He says he’d like to be a pilot when he grows up!
Raju (6) and brother Prashant (8)
UK Registered Charity 1110823