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Brighter Future's Rainbow Children's Home Our Rainbow Children’s Home provides love, care and education for almost 100 children. The majority of our children are from families affected by leprosy who were found begging for food at local temples. We also find children who are living rough on local railways. Brighter Future offers these children their first experience of living in a stable, nurturing environment with regular meals and medical care. We work very closely with parents affected by leprosy to encourage them to allow their children to join the Rainbow family. Our aim is to enable these vulnerable children to stop begging, and give them the confidence and skills they need to become independent. We want them to escape the stigma and deprivation of leprosy and other diseases. Our leprosy colony children stay with us school term time. We care for them as they go to local schools. We also provide extra evening tuition to help the children get up to speed, as most have never been to school before or at best have had sporadic attendance. Each child has regular contact with their family, and of course they go home during school holidays and festival times.
UK visitors and trustees on a recent visit to India
UK Registered Charity 1110823