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gift in will A Gift of a Lifetime     Many of us work hard to ensure the children in our lives     are safe and have everything they need. We strive to     protect them, providing love, care, positive experiences,     opportunities, and of course an excellent education.      We’d like them to have all the things that we had as a     child, and more besides.  Our aim is to give them the     skills for the best possible future.   In writing a will, we make sure that everything we offered in life continues in the years to come.   However, sadly there are many children who don’t have this privilege.  Their young lives are blighted by fear, disease, hunger and stigma. Yet by leaving a legacy to Brighter Futures, you will bring a real and lasting hope to the lives of these children. After you have provided for your loved ones, please consider:     Making a bequest to Brighter Future in your Will or     Revocable Trust     Designating Brighter Future as a beneficiary of your     Retirement Assets - IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or pension     Naming Brighter Future as a beneficiary of your Life     Insurance policy.
How it works 1.     Complete the appropriate paperwork making     Brighter Future a beneficiary of your will, trust,     insurance or retirement assets. 2.     After your lifetime, money and assets are     distributed to your heirs and Brighter Future as     directed by your estate plan documents. 3.     Brighter Future uses your bequest for the     purpose(s) you specify.   Benefits     Maintain control of your assets during your lifetime     Have the flexibility to modify your bequest if your     circumstances change     Reduce your taxable estate by the amount given to     Brighter Future     Make a significant gift to Brighter Future and     designate how it should be used     Experience the satisfaction of knowing you can     continue to help children even after you have gone. Please speak to your Solicitor or call us on 01778 422701 for more information.   Find a law firm     Lawyers Christian Fellowship       Solicitors for the elderly
UK Registered Charity  1110823