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This is one of four, state of the art new homes, which are now open within our Shanti Nivas complex. These new style homes house twelve children, three to a room, with beds, wardrobes, study area and communal area. They have live in ‘mums’ and visiting ‘grandparents’, creating a virtual family unit, these new buildings have bathroom and showering facilities and are considered to be the best of their kind in India. We will have ten of these buildings opened within the next year, two more are currently under construction.
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SOLAR POWER Electricity supplies are very unreliable in the areas we operate in, and in Andhra Pradesh it is not unusual to lose the power twice a day. Shanti Nivas is where our Hospice is situated, the hospice serves the needs of the terminally ill, and also acts as a hospital for minor illness or recovery, it requires constant electricity for equipment and the storage of medecines. It is our wish to install a solar power system of sufficient capacity to power the entire site off-grid, 24 hours a day, making the supply of power seamless and removing the need for permanent generator standby and running costs. Not only will this improve life on the site, but the saving in costs will allow more practical use of the charity’s funding.
Maybe you could raise funds for this project, or perhaps you would like to make a direct contribution to us? You can donate online or contact us  for further information.
Rainbow House now has a new enclosed dining room, making it much easier in inclement weather to deal with the making and eating of meals. Rainbow House is our largest childrens Home and has almost one hundred boys and girls of all ages.
UK Registered Charity  1110823