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This is one of six state of the art new homes, which are now open within our Shanti Nivas complex. These new style homes house eleven children, two or three to a room, with beds, wardrobes, study area and communal area. They have live in ‘mums’ and visiting ‘grandparents’, creating a virtual family unit, these new buildings have bathroom and showering facilities, and are considered to be the best of their kind in India. We will have ten of these buildings opened within the next year, two more are currently under construction.
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SOLAR POWER IS LIVE AT SHANTI NIVAS Our Shanti Nivas site now has a reliable electricity supply thanks to the installation of Solar Power to the entire site, the site also has batteries to supply power into the night. Electricity supplies are very unreliable in the areas we operate in, and in Andhra Pradesh it is not unusual to lose the power twice a day, so when we have a hospice to protect from power failure, solar power was the answer. Our Hospice is situated on the 6 acre Shanti Nivas site together with the children’s home, Sunshine House mothers home, and the new family homes (left) the hospice serves the needs of the terminally ill, and also acts as a hospital for minor illness or recovery, it requires constant electricity for equipment and the storage of medecines.
Now that the system is operational, the generator is now only for emergencies should both supplies ever fail.
Rainbow House dining room is now almost complete, and should be fininshed by mid-November 2017. You can find the progress report and pictures elsewhere on this website Rainbow House is our largest childrens Home and has almost one hundred boys and girls of all ages. The new facility will provide an indoor dining room, study room, library, kitchen and office, there is a small office currently in the main block which will move to the new block. This will improve conditions considerably.
UK Registered Charity  1110823