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History Victor Parisipogula was born into a poor and humble family. His parents couldn’t afford to educate Victor so they allowed him to stay in a home run by the Salvation Army, because they want a brighter future for their son. A Christian couple from America sponsored Victor to pay for his education and care. He had no idea who they were and didn’t even know their names. Little did they realise what a difference this would make not only to Victor, but also to the hundreds of people whose lives have been transformed by the work Brighter Future now does. Victor grabbed every opportunity and did not take his sponsorship for granted. He knew that he had been given an amazing chance to make something of his life, so he studied hard and eventually became a physiotherapist. However, Victor could not forget the needs of people living in abject poverty, and those suffering with leprosy. Victor’s passion to help the poor, orphaned and elderly was rooted deep in his heart. In 2002, Victor believed God was calling him to action so he cashed in his meagre pension savings and started Brighter Future. Two years later, after much sacrifice and living on not much more than rice and water, Victor was able to provide a home for 13 children. These children were from the streets or local railway and had only ever experienced hardship and abuse. In 2005, Brighter Future International Trust was registered with the UK Charity Commission.
At the beginning of 2006, a fantastic grant from a UK donor enabled Victor and his wife Mary to buy a building and care for 40 children. By the end of the same year, a second home was opened for orphaned children with HIV. Three further homes followed over the next six years, and today over 170 children affected by leprosy and HIV are cared for by Brighter Future. These children are either orphaned or are from leprosy colonies in the surrounding districts. In 2007, Victor wanted to expand Brighter Future’s work into the surrounding communities. The small team started to provide medical care for elderly and disabled people with leprosy, and a welfare programme for widows and children with HIV. The team now works in six leprosy colonies with plans to expand into many more, funded by The Leprosy Mission. Brighter Future works continually to advocate for the rights of people with leprosy. Thanks to the team many colonies now have electricity, roads and running water. Victor understood that many of the people he was helping had no self-esteem. They had no way of breaking out of the cycle of poverty. So Brighter Future set up a micro-finance programme offering small loans and training to individuals, enabling them to set up their own business. This enterprise has flourished beyond Victor’s wildest dreams, with over 1,160 beneficiaries to date. Families have been lifted out of poverty and Victor is delighted to report that men and women have dignity again. They can hold their heads high in their communities.
Mary has a heart for women and young girls, and encouraged Victor to provide training opportunities for them. Many girls in the area had not been able to complete their education and desperately needed a marketable skill. In 2009, the Lily Nath Tailoring Centre was established, offering training to older girls and women living in poverty. To date, over 2,000 students have successfully completed the course. Mary is the driving force for this initiative, and has even got a production unit going to provide income. Uniforms and clothes for all of the children in Brighter Future’s care are made at this centre. In 2008 and 2012, Victor secured funding from The Leprosy Mission for re- building dilapidated houses in several leprosy colonies. Many of the houses were collapsing and open to the elements, snakes etc. There was also no sanitation, which meant that disease was rife. The new homes have provided a safe, secure home for elderly disabled residents and their families. In 2012, the Brighter Future Team opened a hospice for widows with HIV and their children. On the same land, they are now building small family homes for groups of 11 children who are looked after by a foster mum. There are still so many in need that Brighter Future has yet to reach. Thank you for your support – without it none of this would be happening. Victor would like to thank all the organisations, individual donors and child sponsors who have enabled us to help people with leprosy, HIV, widows and orphans, and children in desperate need. Everything we do is because of you, and without you none of our work would be possible. Thank you so much.