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A key part of Brighter Future’s work is raising awareness about preventing disease and general health care. Many elderly people in rural areas suffer from cataracts; this is especially common for people with leprosy. We provide transport to the local Leprosy Mission hospital in Salur and pay for patients to have a cataract operation. You can imagine their joy when they can see again! Good vision makes every day activities safer and helps with hygiene so has a huge knock-on effect in a family.
We spend time in local communities talking to villagers about leprosy, HIV prevention and treatment, family planning and maternal health, and personal hygiene. In communities affected by leprosy, we teach people with the disease how to care for hands and feet which have lost feeling. This helps to prevent injury and subsequent disability. As well as helping people who are affected by disease, our health awareness campaigns teach the general community about what causes diseases. This helps to address misconceptions about, for example, leprosy being a curse for misdeeds in a former life. When people understand more about disease, they are less likely to discriminate against people who are affected.
Unbelievably, just £25 can restore vision for someone affected by leprosy.
UK Registered Charity 1110823