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Imagine watching your parents die of an incurable disease and having no one to care for you. Imagine being a child and having to beg for food, with no chance of going to school. How would you feel if you had a disease which meant that you were thrown out of your family, losing everything that you hold dear? What if you desperately needed medical treatment, but were too poor to pay for it or you were slowly starving because your husband died and you’re too sick to work? This is a reality for thousands of people across Vizianagaram. People who are helpless through no fault of their own. You can be the miracle for these people today You can provide a child with a home, food for the starving, medicine for the sick, and a way out of poverty through education and training. Quite simply, you can provide hope and a future for people who have experienced nothing but pain and loss.
Or why not partner with a widow suffering with HIV and her children – just £6 a month will ensure they are fed properly.
FAQ’s If I make a donation or respond to an appeal, how much of my money will be sent to Brighter Future India? The fantastic news is that because Brighter Future is run by volunteers in the UK, over 98% of your donation will go to where you have requested in India. Can Brighter Future claim Gift Aid? Yes! If you pay tax and complete our Gift Aid form, your gift increases by 25p in every £1. How does Brighter Future use its income? You can find out more by reading our latest Annual Report
You can give in many different ways Have a look at these other pages to find out more about the different ways you could help give hope to those who need it. SPONSOR A CHILD LEGACIES TRUSTS AND FOUNDATIONS ALTERNATIVE GIFTING VOLUNTEER
UK Registered Charity 1110823