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Where do the children come from? The children are found by Brighter Future staff during work in leprosy/HIV colonies around the Vizianagaram area. Most are begging and scavenging, having been abandoned or orphaned. Where possible, Brighter Future seeks to reunite a child with a family member. Sadly, in most cases, they are rejected because of gender, extreme poverty, or the stigma of disease. Brighter Future offers these children their first experience of living in a stable, nurturing environment with regular meals and medical care. We also run two further homes for HIV orphans. We spend time with each child, building trust and giving them the opportunity to share emotions. It is wonderful to see a child who was once scared and bereft start to smile and play with new friends. In India, most mainstream schools discriminate against children with HIV, so we have our own schoolroom on the Prem Nivas campus. Fully qualified teachers come in every day, providing a complete education for our children. Our aim is to give them the confidence and skills they need to become independent. We want them to escape the stigma and deprivation experienced by their parents. We believe it is important to listen to our children. Every month each child meets with Victor, who heads up Brighter Future, to talk about any problems and make suggestions. Our House Mother is also always daily for one to one emotional support. Brighter Future cares for children regardless of gender, age or religious beliefs. We have a mixture of Christian, Hindu and Muslim children in our care, however children from leprosy colonies are generally Christian.
We ensure that these children go to Christian schools, to Sunday school and also have regular assemblies with prayers, bible readings and hymns. Our Pastor visits the home regularly to provide spiritual guidance, teach new songs and tell bible stories. You dream that one day things will change; that your children will be able to play rather than work, that they will learn to read rather than beg. But there is no way you could ever buy shoes for school, or books and pens. They wouldn’t be allowed in without school uniforms. You cannot see how your dream will ever become a reality – and this is where Brighter Future steps in! The children go to school and are taught in English. The aim is to ensure that each child is given every opportunity possible to break out of poverty and have a successful future.
We care for these precious young lives, and give the children the confidence and skills they need to become independent.
UK Registered Charity 1110823