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New building work at the Rainbow Older Boys Home
The Rainbow Home for the older boys adjoins the Rainbow Children’s Home in Vizianagaram, also on the site is the Lily Nath Training Centre. In order to provide for the needs of the boys as they grow older, more space was required and this project, to provide a two storey extension, was drawn up. Some older buildings were demolished to make way for the new extension, which will provide staff quarters for the house father, and above that, on the first floor, will be a study hall and library. This will provide much needed extra space for the boys. The dated toilet facilities on the site are also being updated as part of the building work.
The site is cleared and the concrete pillars are being erected
The structure is taking shape
In the background of the picture above, you can see the existing boys home building of which you can see about half, so you can get an idea of the considerable size of the extension. Having the house father on site 24 hours a day will is necessary to supervise the boys and for safeguarding.
Keen to help, the boys are taking part in redecorating the old building, they will be so looking forward to the site improvements being completed.
Ground floor laid, work starts on the first floor, 10 December 2019
…. and the concrete is being laid ….. keep watching for updates