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Buy a Bicycle for a Schoolchild As a part of life experience, our children need to experience and learn independence and responsibility, having a bicycle of their own is something that they could never have dreamed of, not only will it get them to school, but it will also give older ones some small amount of freedom to develop into adulthood, and the responsibility of looking out for themselves, and also being responsible for an expensive bicycle of their own, is a further step into independence. You can give a child a bicycle for a one off donation of £60, in return you will get a photograph of the child receiving the bicycle accompanied by a letter from the child expressing their gratitiude.
£60 =
Simply send your cheque to the address below, with your name and address, and email address and/or telephone number, and we will do the rest. Please state if you have a preference to give your bicycle to a boy or girl, otherwise we will organise according to the most urgent. Please contact us if you would like further information.