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Brighter Future International Trust works with children and adults affected by leprosy, HIV, disability, and extreme poverty in India.
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Your donations, child sponsorship, widow food parcel sponsoring and fundraising, allow us to continue to invest in these children and adults, giving them the education and skills that they need to become self supporting, which is our aim for them, and their aims for themselves.
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When children come to us they are often very ill and malnourished, but sponsoring can turn these children into confident and capable individuals with a zest for life. Would you like to turnaround the life of a child like Ramadevi?
Furniture repairs
Leprosy cases on the increase Recent press articles in the Hindu Times newspaper, illustrate that Leprosy is actually on the increase in Andhra Pradesh State, despite reporting that appears to attempt to say that it is being wiped out. Our work in the leprosy colonies is therefore even more necessary, to bring acceptance and hope to those unfortunate people who are stricken with it, in a society where it is not accepted. Your help in donating any amount is greatly appreciated
This is the difference you can make
Enhancing the campus at Shanti Nivas is always happening, and the children take part in planting new flora and trees and are very proud of their surroundings … but some find it hard! Our children attend a large nearby church, and at this great time of Christian celebration, they enjoy taking part in the events that take place, you can see them here enjoying the Sunday School Play.   see more ….
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£25 gives an orphan a future, we will care for, educate and put your child through school, college and for some, university, or for those who come to us later, vocational training, for a solid future.
Would you give a college sponsorship
You could provide a college sponsorship. it is not as expensive as you might imagine, you could do this instead of monthly child sponsorship, contact us and find out how you could help.
Rainbow Boys home is getting a much needed lift with the building of a two storey extension to the existing building, this will provide study and library areas and accomodation for the house father.    see more ….. Trustee Elizabeth Pettersen visited Brighter Future for 2 weeks in November 2019, she spent time with the children and in all areas of our work. The emotion of that moment is clear to see in Liz’s facial expression. Personal contact between the trustees and the people we care for, whether that be children, youths or adults, whatever their weaknesses, HIV, leprosy, or simply poverty, is very important. Every trusteee has visited our centres at least once, and this enables us to understand fully the requirements of the people in our charge and also monitor to monitor progress
Brighter Future thanks to all the supporters for your generosity and wonderful support in 2019
The new style homes at Shanti Nivas are to a standard that these children and young people have never encountered before and the one luxury in each home is a 3 piece suite. As you can imagine, the wear and tear on those items, with young children is quite significant, and with some of them a few years old now, the time has come for repairs to them being necessary.
As you can see in the pictures, a team of repairers are working to restore them to be like new again
These are additional costs (of which there are many) but they are
necessary to maintain the high standard in our homes, standards that we want our children to be accustomed to, as it gives them standards to aspire to, and they respond to that superbly. The cost of this refurbishment is just £160,
which is 15,000 Indian rupees. This is an example of how you can contribute to Brighter Future, whether or not you are a child sponsor, helping us set better standards.
Rainbow Home A Day in the life of one of the girls in Rainbow Children’s Home Today I got up at 4.30am because I wanted to do my school work, getting ready for my exams.  I share my bedroom with 14 other girls.  We each have our own mattress and blanket and keep our personal possessions in a tin box (the size of a suitcase).  In mine I keep a dress, pens and snacks. We stack up the mattresses and blankets at the side of the room during the day.  We have breakfast at 8.00am.  Today I had igly and chutney.  We walk to school, which is next to our home.  We have lunch at school, which is prepared for us by our house mother.  We come home at 5.00pm, get changed from our school uniform and have a snack. Today we had milk and a biscuit.  We play games, draw, dance until a tuition teacher arrives to supervise our homework.  We have a meal.  Today was a special meal.  Sometimes people from the local community visit and pay for us to have a special meal.  Today we had rice, chicken biriani, dal followed by bananas.  After our meal we watch television. Our favourite programmes are the reality dance shows.  Bed and lights out at 9.00pm.
Hospice - Changed Lives Abraham is typical of many who access the hospice at Shanti Nivas. He is now gainfully employed caring for the dairy herd at Shanti Nivas. A year ago he was undergoing treatment at the hospice.
His life story is very sad: both his parents had leprosy. His father was severely disabled, so much so that he could only crawl along the road to beg. Abraham looked after the buffalo, but a few years ago he decided to go to Chennai. He stayed there for two years and it was there that he got infected with HIV. In Chennai he slept on the road and was begging, he met three girls and became infected with HIV through them. He became ill with a fever. The police came to the railway station and gave him the money to get back to Visianagaram. Once in Visianagaram his health deteriorated, he contracted TB and had large nodules on his neck. Abraham was taken into our Brighter Future Hospice where he stayed for a year. Within the hospice he
received medication, care and nutrition. He now works for Brighter Future caring for the cows, he is paid 2000 rupees per month and receives free food and accomodation. He is 30 years old and with his new life he wants to get married, such a good story.