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Brighter Future International Trust works with children and adults affected by leprosy, HIV, disability, and extreme poverty in India.
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UK Registered Charity  1110823
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER Pickford Memorial Hospice, located at our Shanti Nivas campus in Gotlam, provides care and comfort to many who become unwell from different problems, but also to some who may be facing end of life support. Read the report on this lady, Devi Potta, and give her your support and prayer as she struggles with having recently found out she was HIV positive.
Your donations, child sponsorship, widow food parcel sponsoring and fundraising, allows us to continue to invest in these children and adults, giving them the education and skills that they need to become self supporting, which is our aim for them, and their aims for themselves.
See what your support can do …
This was Ramadevi when we took her in …
Just look at her now …
You give these young people hope, a future, and A NEW LIFE THIS IS WHY YOU SPONSOR
We are trying to fund bicycles for some of the older children to use to go to school, this will give them a small amount of freedom, and also responsibility. If you would like to find out more about how you can help,  CLICK HERE
New Rainbow House extension. (click)
Children’s Summer Vacation
Repainting at Shanti Nivas  Boys sanding the walls at the community hall at Shanti Nivas, see the news pages …
As in any part of the world, however much the children love going to school (and they do), they still look forward to the holidays, it’s that time now and you can see that they are making the most of it.
Kumar on his scooter, and some of the boys playing Carroms, very popular in India
Rambabu to Run Shop at Shanti Nivas
Rambabu is a young man of 20 years who came into our Hospice at Shanti Nivas Campus 2 months ago suffering with severe TB, Rambabu also has HIV, and was very ill. Not any more! As you can see he has recovered well and will responsible for running the new shop on the site which is part of the new income generation project (IGP), a new initiative to earn income locally in India which we will outline in a future article.
Leprosy and Filaria A large part of the work done by Brighter Future in India centres on several leprosy colonies, bringing many services to the residents. Here you can see 65 year old Korilliboina Simhachalam being treated for both Leprosy and Filaria, Korilliboina lives in the Sriramanagar Colony, Anakapalli, a suburb of Visakhapatnam. Filaria is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms, spread by blood-feeding black flies and mosquitoes. Korilliboina is also given a food package to improve her nutrition and food intake while she fights the disease.